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Faux Leather Trims Can Make Your Pants Look Like Millionaires' Of Hollywood

Sep 1

A popular choice for pants among men, faux leather motorcycle pants are both practical and stylish. Originally developed as an alternative to full-grain leather motorcycle trousers, these pants boast the low price and variety that come with this top-grade material. With a low maintenance factor that makes them ideal for daily wear, these pants are also an excellent choice for occasional wear or tailoring.


Woven from a soft cotton cloth and a spandex finish, faux leather is an advanced quality fabric made of polyester and Spandex. It possesses the appearance and texture of real genuine leather but is easier to maintain and clean than its more expensive counterpart. Ideal for casual dressing, these pants also make a great choice for formal occasions. In addition, they make a great transition between work and leisure wear.


Unlike regular full-grain leather, faux leather does not go through a tanning process. This allows the material to be less susceptible to color fading when cared for properly. In addition, the fabric itself will not shrink, so pairs worn for a substantial amount of time will remain as true to their original appearance as possible. Although faux leather pants may lack the durability of their more expensive counterparts, the low cost and superior fit make it an ideal choice for many buyers.


Although these pants are generally constructed to appear more expensive, most authentic leather products are manufactured using cowhide or buffalo hide. Because of the expense involved in obtaining this top-grade hide, faux leather trims often have a very low price tag. As an added bonus, this grade of leather is renowned for its durability, allowing pants to last for many years. For this reason, many high-end stores and manufacturers carry faux leather motorcycle trousers at a lower price point.


Whether you're shopping for men's leather apparel or women's leather apparel, you'll find that faux leather is readily available in a wide range of styles, colors and materials. Typically, you'll see faux leather trims in natural colors like brown, tan and black. However, if you'd prefer a more unique color or design, there are a large number of leather trims that can be found in different colors and styles. One popular option is the use of faux leather that has been decorated with silver, gold or crystal trim. Although this may be more costly than purchasing leather that has been dyed to mimic a different color or style, the dramatic effect that it provides to any piece of clothing will make it well worth the additional investment.


Legging pants are among the most common types of faux leather used for men's fashion apparel. This is because leggings have a simple yet elegant shape that goes great with any type of shirt or jacket. The great thing about leggings is that they're typically made using a light cotton fabric with nylon backing. This means that you'll have plenty of room for your expanding waistline. Although the legging pants will definitely ride up, there are numerous ways that you can remedy this problem without having to go through a great deal of hassle or expense.