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What are the Most Common causes of roof damage?

Jul 12

Roofs protect us. They shield us, our home and all that is within it. They will need some assistance like every other aspect of our lives. It's a fact that roofs can get damaged. It's crucial to find out the cause of damage to your roof so that it is possible to get repairs done quickly. It is essential to avoid any further damage. It can spread quickly and cause more damage.

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Depending on the area you live in the exact causes of roof damage can vary.


Damage can result from high winds, storms hailstorms, high heat and extreme cold, as in hurricanes. Kansas City roofers understand that items can be damaged and torn and cause areas that are open to water and moisture.


In winter, water gets in and then freezes. It will expand and can cause quite a bit of damage, not just to the shingles but the roof underneath. Leaks are among the most dangerous outcomes. Find an roofing contractor near you that can fix the issue quickly.


Your roof will be beaten by hailstones. They can break shingles and even tear them off. Hurricanes are going to wreak havoc on your roof, as well, if they even let you down with one.



Your shingles will be affected by the effects of aging. They might be getting older and weak. They may also be brittle and fragile. It is possible that there were repairs made over the years. The roof is susceptible to wear down.

If the warranty has run out, it may be time for a new roof. They'll only last as long and can withstand so much repair before there is just no point.


Foot Traffic

It can cause damage in the event of roofing that is too high to climb on. This may sound like a cool idea, and it likely is, but it will damage the shingles and even rip them up.


Improper Installation

Incorrect installation is often the primary reason why people require roof repairs. Maybe the last contractor put up shingles over the old ones or didn't apply underlayment or, didn't install proper flashing.

They might have used ineffective roof sealants or not bonded or overlapped shingles properly. Roofers in Kansas City , MO are able to save time and money by taking advantage of various shortcuts. These shortcuts could end up costing you more time and money.


Not Keeping Up With Repairs

It is vital to ensure that your roof is in good shape. A roof inspection is a good way to check your roof. Even even if none of these has occurred, it's vital to examine your roof each year.

Small repairs will make a big difference. A small leak can transform into a huge issue. There will be more damage after the water starts to flow through.


Make sure the gutters are clean and get the roof washed off, and have it inspected frequently. In particular, after the storm, it is important to determine the extent of the damage. It is far more affordable to pay a modest amount to have the repairs than to have to replace your entire roof and perhaps the contents of your home.

Control of the Roof

Call us at Storm Contracting for a free estimate and get those repairs done before it is too late. We often do not realize the importance of our roof.

The roof's damage isn't as apparent like other parts of the house. That's why it is important to book an inspection and get the repairs you need.

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