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News about Shopping Center in Serbia

Feb 19

Generally, a shopping center is a modern adaptation of an old marketplace. It consists of independent retail stores, including food and drink establishments, parking areas, professional offices, and service stations. The design of a shopping centre depends on factors such as the type of tenants, the size of the site, and the economics of the surrounding area. These factors also determine the size and types of stores that can be located in a given location. The news is that shopping centres are good for the economy and trade.

A regional shopping centre provides a full range of shopping services. The centre is usually centred on a large department store and other stores. A variety of speciality stores and restaurants are also included. Sometimes, a motion picture theatre is included. Regional shopping centres typically have a population of 50,000 to 400,000 people, depending on their size. Some larger sites may contain office buildings, motels, and medical centres. They are often divided into smaller neighbourhood malls.

The development of a new shopping center in SERBIA is proving to be a boon to the city. In the heart of Vozdovac, this complex will house domestic and international stores. It is the most popular project in the municipality and attracts 560,000 visitors a month. It will also provide a host of amenities to the community, including an upscale health care facility and a large aquarium.

The development of the new Waterfront shopping center in Pittsburgh will include four new tenants: Boards & Baskets charcuterie deli, Appalachian Running Co., and Shorty's Tap x Taco. The first two will be in the former Eyepolis space, which will be a BYOB patio. The second tenant is Gordon Shoes, which has been in operation since 1885. The two businesses have plans to add a food court and coffee bar to the location.

The Waterfront shopping center is adding four tenants to accommodate the expansion. Boards & Baskets is a charcuterie deli, Appalachian Running Co. will open in a former Eyepolis space, across from the Pittsburgh Improv. The new tenants will feature a BYOB patio. It is the same building that Gordon Shoes was, built in 1885. The Kroenke Group and Lane4 bought the property last year.