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5 Steps to Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Jan 10

According to Steadfast The study found that water damage is responsible for 34% of all domestic property claim expenses. It is also the most expensive type of claim. One of the major reasons for water damage was the obstruction of gutters.

Although the typical claim for water damage has more than doubled over the last two years, only 19% of people believe that water damage poses the most significant danger to their house. Roofs can be prepared for winter in order to are able to prevent water damage from your home.

When the rainy weather is upon us Follow these five simple steps to winter-proof your roof.

Clean Your Guts

The autumn leaves are quite beautiful, but they pose a threat to your gutters. Leaves and other debris can collect in your gutters and lead to blockages and overflowing water. Water can flow through exterior walls and cause destruction to the structure of your house.

The solution? Clean your gutters!

After the majority of the leaves have fallen, pull out your ladder from the shed and climb up to get rid of all debris from your gutters. Be on the lookout for animal infestations such as nests of bees and birds. To protect yourself, think about making contact with a pest control specialist to eliminate the problem also.

Trim the Trees near Your Roof

Overhanging branches around your home will also contribute to an accumulation of debris within your gutters. If they fall off in strong storms, they can even cause harm to your roofing.

The best solution is to give your trees a trim in order to keep them from falling into your gutters in first place. Many animals love to make their homes in trees. The long branches that can be seen over your house allow them easy access to the roof of your house so that they can make a fresh home.

Roof Inspection

Autumn is a great moment to call a roofing expert to inspect your roof's condition. A expert Pittsburgh roofing contractor can identify the distinction between normal wear on your roof and the things that need to be replaced to get your roof ready for winter.

A check of your roof will take a look at the whole roof and determine if it is:

Flashings that are bent, rusted or damaged

Tiles and shingles have gone missing or damaged

Valleys are in good condition or require the cleaning

Sealant is enough and hasn't broken

Roof has any other signs of damage

While you might be able to get up on your roof to inspect the roof yourself, it's definitely not recommended. A professional roofer is equipped with all the appropriate safety equipment to ensure they are protected while inspecting your roof.

Professional Roof Replacements and Repairs

Rainwater isn't something anyone wants to see pouring into their house and then having to seek emergency winter roof repairs. If you discover any problems with your roof, it is time to fix them before winter sets in.

In the event that they have to repair a few tiles and flashings or there are more important repairs to your roof that need to be completed, it's imperative that you do this now to get your roof ready for winter. A Pittsburgh roofing professional can also provide you with winter roof maintenance guidelines that are specific to your home.

Make sure that your roof space is properly insulated

Without insulation, your ceiling is likely to lose between 25 and 25 percent of the energy used by your home. Leaks and damaged roofs will only make this worse. The reduction in loss will help you to conserve energy when heating your home through the cold winter season.

You can reduce the amount of loss of heat from your home by looking at the insulation in your roof prior to the winter weather arrives.

If you're living in an older house It's probably time to replace your insulation to ensure you don't waste energy heating your home, just for a portion of it to be lost to.

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