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Nov 30

Harmony; Family vs Business

How do you get the best of two worlds? Families who own their own businesses must walk a narrow line: they have to compete with other enterprises, but they also have to retain a sense of unity within their own families. In order to keep things in balance in a family, there are several recurring themes:

  1. Good communication and transparency are the foundations of trust. The propagation of erroneous information and the deterioration of trust can occur whenever there is a lack of information available. This can be avoided if the organization has a strong governance system in place.
  1. It's not uncommon for commercial disagreements and arguments to bleed over into personal and family life, especially in family firms. Disagreements must be handled in an organized manner rather than haphazardly around a dinner table, and families need to agree on how disagreements will be resolved. This usually translates to establishing internal mechanisms for resolving disagreements.
  2. Setting limits is critical since family members play so many different roles. There needs to be a clear separation between work and home life, and a reverence for family time and space. Taking a few days off from work to spend time with your family can be really beneficial. This is a critical time for family members to restrict and define their duties inside the company as they transition from doing many different things to bringing in professionals/externals.

Take a moment to think about this: Which would prevail if "family vs business" were a contest in your household? When do you find yourself juggling family and work? If yes, do you have a set of agreed-upon procedures in place for dealing with issues?

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